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Eco-friendly Pot Covers

Welcome back to our blog – we’re so excited to have you here with us.

Today I want to come on and share with you all one of the brand new products (and lines!) in our online shop – Eco friendly pot covers.

Over the past couple of years (it’s Amy here writing to you today!) we have both been doing our bit to reduce, reuse and recycle and that has meant changing up the way we do things at home. For me personally, having a baby and starting off using disposable nappies opened my eyes to the ways in which we end up throwing so much away. We quickly switched to cloth nappies, cloth nappy liners and cloth wipes and it has made a huge difference to what we are sending to landfill every week. Along with the change with nappies for our daughter I have made such a conscious effort to change what I am doing from reusable cloth rounds for removing make up to reusable pot covers and beeswax wraps.

There is a world of stuff out there that you can use when making eco friendly swaps to do a little bit better when it comes to helping the planet. With both of us here at Blanket Stitch committed to doing better and becoming more eco friendly in our every day lives we decided to start creating the items that we love to use in our every day life. We have been saying for a while that we have some eco friendly products coming your way and today is the day that the first product in our eco friendly range hits the internet! 

Meet our eco friendly pot covers! Made of cotton fabric and washable these pot covers help to cover various sized bowls and jars etc and come in packs of 3: 21cm, 16cm and 6cm and with an elastic top to fit nice and snug around your bowls. They are reusable, washable and come in a variety of mixed colours. These are such a great way to start reusing and reducing your waste and can be used instead of common things such a cling film. 

You can grab your pack of 3 from our shop now!

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Fabric masks – Now for sale!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to our first blog on our brand new website, and while we hope to do this a little more frequently over the coming weeks I wanted to come to you today with a very quick blog/newsflash.

We are in crazy times and as you might have seen we have seen the recommendation is to wear masks where social distancing might not be able to be followed. We actually had no intention of making masks to sell, instead we have been making them for quite a few weeks for our friends, family and some of our local community free of charge. However, we have had a number of asks, knowing our business, from people asking if we will be making masks for people to purchase.

We want to keep the price low to enable people to get what they need and must stress that these are not medical grade. However we have complied with the instructions to make handmade masks and have made them 3 layer, as if recommended. Please, for further information refer to the WHO and government guidance on masks to ensure these are the right thing for you.

With that said, we are opening up our orders for those who are interested in purchasing one for themselves. These are adult sized, make with 3 layers, washable, elasticated to fit around your ears, pleated to extended over your nose, mouth and chin and most importantly (for some of us) has a wired part at the nose to stop our glasses from steaming up.

We are keeping the price as low as we can for the cost of materials, time and postage.

The demand for these has obviously been high so at the moment we cannot accommodate individual patterns but we can accommodate colour choices.

If you have any questions feel free to message us on our Facebook or Instagram pages or email carol:

We hope you’re staying safe and we look forward to sharing more about our business plans going forward soon.

Blanket Stitch